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Name:Mr. HITENDRA JAIN [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:+911146531489
Phone Number:+911146531400
Fax Number:+911146531499
Address:A-1, Pamposh Enclave GK Part-1
Delhi 110088, Delhi
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Registration Date:Aug. 29, 2004
Last Updated:Apr. 30, 2007
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Agriculture category

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World' s largest manufacturer exporter of Basmati Rice, Exporter of Rice, Sugar, Pulses Importer of Whole Grain.

Single Largest Exporter of Rice and Pulses from India for 2005-2006

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payment, Sep. 21, 2011
Reviewer: dheeraj boda
i was looking for my payment of my branding bill till last 18 month . but there is response from company side. i tolk most of staff like khuran, rajesh, nabeen, martunjay & top of brijesh sood. can u all help me to make my payment

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